We are using automation to make more moving image content “rights ready”. Too much footage is unused because it is too difficult and time-intensive to clear. We are building tools which will change all that.

LUCID builds on the earlier Visible Rights project, which started the process of creating decision trees to determine rights in film.

Now, we are leveraging Artificial Intelligence so that we can automate this process.

At the same time we are using standards-compliant digital signatures so that it’s easy to recognise film and clips and join up the chain from supply to delivery, and using the Copyright Hub tools to give direct access to licensing information.


  • Nowadays 75% of Internet traffic is video; up from just over 60% in 2015, and growing.
  • There are over 200 million hours of unique professionally produced or curated moving image content, but only 5% of this is rights-ready.
  • Opportunities for leveraging content have never been better, but we need to address the related rights issues and bring automation into play to open up the supply bottleneck.
  • The current processes are largely manual, with 80% of clearance done in 20% of the time and the remaining 20% clearance proving harder and taking 80% of the time.
  • Clearance information, once established, is not stored, but often has to be researched again and again.


Our goal is to automate the understanding of rights for moving image.

  • We allow for support of and reduction of manual processes as well as for full automation.
  • We make it possible to retain clearance information nonce established, for future use.

We are going to:

  • Build the infrastructure and implement it gradually in order to keep it simple and engender confidence.
  • Identify the necessary information to make rights judgments (e.g. Public Domain, Creative Commons policies, etc) and feed necessary information into manual processes.
  • Pave the way for increasing confidence in learning algorithms.


We are a collaboration between The Media Institute, Braintree and the Copyright Hub, supported by Innovate UK. Read more about the team here.

Our Advisory Board is made up from representatives from: ITV, BFI, StudioCanal and MovieLabs; each of which are supplying data and sharing information with us.